GTX 560 Ti number of cores 256 vs 384?

Hi there.

Just testing a new machine with a GTX 560 Ti, which has 384 cores, right?

Device query (Cuda 4.0) is reporting 256 (see below)… Is this a device query issue or do I have to do something to enable all 384?

Thanks for any help!


You are using an old copy of deviceQuery. The CUDA API actually does not have any function to return the number of CUDA cores. Instead, it returns the number of streaming multiprocessors and the compute capability. The deviceQuery program then multiplies the number of SMs by some factor depending on the compute capability of the card. Your version of deviceQuery predates the existence of capability 2.1, which has 48 CUDA cores per SM. Instead the deviceQuery program is assuming that all 2.x devices have 32 CUDA cores per SM.

So you don’t need to worry, although you might want to update your CUDA toolkit and SDK. :)