GUI / OpenGL Interop

Now I have my program running I am looking to make some changes wrt usability. First I am hoping to to display the output as an image instead of outputting an array of values to a file then using another program to make the image.

I am hoping someone could give me a couple of pointers to start me in the right direction. The end result of my program is an array of floating point values which represent a 2D image. From what i have read the openGL interop seems to use 8bit rgba values. Should be just add another kernel on the end of my program which takes my results and scales the numbers to 0-255 and create the rgb values myself for a grayscale image or is there another way to do this.

I am hoping to more or less copy and paste most of the code from some of the working interop examples in the SDK but they dont seem to cover this scenario so i’m a little unsure.



Take a look at