Guitar Chord Detector

Hi all,

I made a guitar chord detector using Jetson Nano. It recognizes following chords in open position:

  • A-minor
  • C-major
  • D-minor
  • E-minor
  • F-major
  • G-major

The idea behind this detector is to show recognized chord notes on the staff (I am totally lost whenever there is more than one note on the staff, so I thought that this might be one approach to solve this problem).

Not so HQ demonstration video: Guitar chord detection demo - YouTube

Source code, model and link to the training data: GitHub - raiwal/chords

Have a nice summer.

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Hi @waltsu, great project - thanks for sharing!

It’s awesome that it can recognize those essential open position chords – A-minor, C-major, D-minor, E-minor, F-major, and G-major. What a creative way to help visualize chord notes on the staff.

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As someone who’s also had their share of staff confusion, your approach sounds really helpful!

Thanks for sharing the YouTube demo and the GitHub link for the source code and model. It’s great to see your work in action. And by the way, if you’re up for a musical twist, how about adding a feature for happy birthday chords?

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