H265 1080p Ripping Using NVENC and StaxRip

I’m not sure where to discuss this topic, but have had a problem with encoding on my GTX960 card using hardware H265. At first many dark areas where blocky and flickering. I have seemed to fix that with the following commands, others have also complained about this. With the following command line options I have seem to minimize this. I thought I would contribute my solution.

–aq (Adaptive Quantization)
–aq-strength 12 (Default 8)

With strength set to 12 encoding at 1080p I have to bitrate to 5k-6k so faces are clear but background looks good.

I have downloaded the SDK but do not understand the options for denoise, I’ve played with the settings with some success, but do not understand what I’m doing. Some bluray videos are really grainy and would like to clean them up. I searched the internet but not much information is available.

I am currently using nearest neighbor with the following settings.
Radius 1, Strength 1, lerp 1, TH Lerp 0.8
This seems to help for small grains, but actually makes other video backgrounds a little more grainy. Large grains are unaffected.
Hopefully there is some plain english definitions to what these values do, have not used PMD yet. Can’t find any info on that either.

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