HAAR CascadeClassifier within OpenCV (Cuda) gives Segmentation fault


i am trying to implement a face detection from OpenCV CascadeClassifier.
The non GPU (Cuda) Version of my code works well but cuda classifier sends segmentation fault:
I have tested multiple formats and xml files (with and without cuda) and nothing seems to work.


JetPack 4.5
Cuda: 10.2
OpenCV (with Cuda): built from src code with install_opencv.sh script from AstaLLL Version 4.4.0

OpenCV_compile.sh (132 Bytes)
OpenCV_CMakeLists.txt (1011 Bytes)
OpenCV_haarcascade2.xml (6.7 MB)
OpenCV_src_face_detection_cuda_haar.cpp (3.5 KB)

i am assuming a problem with the xml file and resulting incopmpability between versions.
Maybe it works with other OpenCV Versions or other Classifiers. Do you know anything about that?
Can you please help me with my problem?
Thanks and have a nice day!


It looks to be an issue that memory is insufficient. Please refer to the discussion in
Haar cascade with cuda xml classifier doesn't work - #7 by DaneLLL

Please try light LXDE to have more free memory and see if it works.

Tanks for the hint, but i also disabled GUI and checked Memory properties during execution.
I want to evalute the OpenCV cascadeclassifier for face detection.

Is there a combination → cuda classifier (.xml) and OpenCV Version 4.X.X where you know surely that it works on Jetson Nano or Xavier?
Maybe someone successfully tested a such a combi and can share with me.
Thanks a lot and have a nice day!