Hard freeze / GPU has fallen off the bus

hi there,
I’ve been getting a hard freeze the last couple of weeks that I can’t get rid of. I’ve tried PopOS, Fedora, Ubuntu LTS, nvidia drivers 470,515,515, steam native, steam beta and flatpak, older laptop BIOS, external screen, still I see the issue

basically I launch steam using the dedicated nvidia GPU, the hard freeze mostly happens when launching a game, at “compiling vulkan shaders” but can sometimes happen just in the steam menu, ingame ~10mins or after exiting the game.

The issue does not happen when using AMD Vega iGPU, I also could not make the issue happen using a basic Lutris game or unigine benchmark

my laptop is only 6 months old so I am highly doubting this is a physical hardware issue as this (fallen off the bus) error can sometimes suggest.

ubuntu 22.04 LTS

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (135.6 KB)

5.15 kernel / 5.17 kernel / 6.0.16 kernel
nvidia driver 470, 515, 525

yoga slim 7 pro
nvidia MX450 2gb
16gb ram

hoping you can assist! thanks

journal log.txt (707 Bytes)
journal snippet from one of the occurrences. As its usually a hard freeze its hard to capture log info

You might set “Prefer max performance” in nvidia-settings while the nvidia gpu is still alive to check for a power management issue. If that doesn’t help, it’s most likely broken, to double check, install Windows and inspect event log.

Hi thanks for the reply, I swapped in an old SSD and installed windows, I cant replicate the issue, games and stress tests just work so its not a hardware problem

I will try the max performance setting but I have doubts that will help as it happens before a game has even launched, I am wondering if this issue only happens with steam and steam games so will try some titles via Lutris