Hardware encoder on Jetson TX2


I am newbie on Jetson TX2 and I need to know the different ways we can use to access/to use the hardware encoding on Jetson TX2 and which way is the best to use ?

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H Nostalgie, the Jetson’s hardware codec (encoder/decoder) is typically accessed using GStreamer, please consult the L4T Accelerated GStreamer User Guide for example pipelines that you can try.

There is also lower-level programmatic access via V4L2 API (in C), samples for this are included in JetPack’s Multimedia SDK which gets installed to Jetson TX1/TX2 by default.

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Thank you for your response. Is there any user guide or detailed documentation for the V4L2 API.


There are V4L2-based samples/docs included in the Multimedia SDK that gets installed to Jetson by JetPack, also see the upstream V4L2 API docs since it’s a Linux standard:


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I am so sorry for bothering you again, but I need a clarification please. Are the “lower-level programmatic access via V4L2 API” and the “MMAPI : Multimedia API” the same API.

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Yes, it is the same.

Is it possible to use the ffmpeg hardware accelerated encoding from the TX2? With encoders such as nvenc_h264

For HW accelerated H264 encoding with gstreamer on Jetson, you may use plugin omxh264enc instead.