Does the Jetson TX2 have H.264 encoding ?

We are planning to use Jetson for running AI models and streaming encoded video data to cloud for autonomous vehicles use case.
We are looking at using Jetson TX2 for this. As per the features TX2 supports HEVC (H.265). We specifically need H.264 data, so I wanted to know if H.264 is also available ?


Yes h.264 is available, not sure about the framework that you are planning to use, but if using GStreamer provided by Jetpack installation you can use omx h.264 encoder, GStreamer element using h264 hardware encoder is: omxh264enc

For more information on h264 encoding you can check our wiki at: [url]NVIDIA Jetson TX2 GStreamer Pipelines | Jetson GStreamer pipelines | RidgeRun


Will the GPU be used when using Gstreamer ?


omxh264enc will be using a hardware encoder, not the GPU.

This means:

  • When using omxh264enc the CPU will not be heavily loaded by software, hardware codec will be used.
  • omxh264enc will not use TX2’s Pascal GPU, this is good because you will have GPU cores available for other tasks.
  • More documentation about TX2 hardware, codecs and GPU: [url][/url]

Hope this answers your question.


Do I enter the commands for these pipelines [url]NVIDIA Jetson TX2 GStreamer Pipelines | Jetson GStreamer pipelines | RidgeRun in a command window on the Jetson TX2?

I already flashed the Jetson TX2 when setting it up with JetPack.

Hi @rishabh.choudhary

You are correct, the pipeline at the wiki can be used on a terminal window at TX2.

Carlos A.

Ok, looks like it worked.

So is the answer in this forum not true? [url]TX2 NvEnc Support - Jetson TX2 - NVIDIA Developer Forums


Glad to know that it works, the post is true “Video Codec SDK” is not supported on Jetson platforms, but the pipeline that you are using does not requires “Video Codec SDK”, for example omxh264enc is provided by default when using JetPack.

Carlos A.