hardware accelerated open source decoder for TX2


Is there a hardware accelerated h.265 decoder available for TX2.I saw ffmpeg supports hardware accelerated decoding on desktop environments using nvdec. Is there an equivalent for TX? I further saw that gstreamer supports hardware accelerated decoding using omxh265dec. Can I use this one for implementing a custom decoder inside TX?

Thank you.

ffmpeg with HW acceleration is not supported yet on TX1 and TX2.

Please use gstreamer or tegra_multimedia_api
gstreamer user guide:

You can install tegra_multimedia_api samples via Jetpack.

Hi DaneLLL, Thank you for the answer. One of my main requirements is to modify certain functionalities of the HEVC decoder functionalities ( i.e., motion compensation) to realize a customized decoder. Would that be possible with either of these two options.

Hi gosala88gk,
You may check the decoder properties via

$ gst-inspect-1.0 omxh265dec

What you requested is not supported. The decoder simply gets encoded steam and outputs decoded YUVs. There is no interface for the functionalities you mentioned.

Hi DaneLLL, thanks for the clarification.