Is FFmpeg GPU HW-Acceleration Support jetson ?

Is FFmpeg GPU HW-Acceleration Support jetson ?
like this:
FFmpeg v3.3 support Maxwell (1st Gen)/ Maxwell (2nd Gen)/ Pascal.
and TX2 is pascal CPU.

Here’s the ffmpeg support matrix:

However, nvidia does not provide the full set of support libraries for the TX2 GPU that they do for x64 desktop/workstation systems. Thus, you’d have to try building it yourself to see whether it works or not. (My guess, from having read these forums in the past, is “not.”)
The Jetson headers include a file named “nvenc.h” but it’s empty.

However you might be able to use the gstreamer plugin for ffmpeg to use the hardware codecs from within ffmpeg:

The link "" you provided is what I am looking for. But I don’t understand some of the details in this code. For example,we can use omxh265enc for GPU encoding in Gstreamer. But if I want to use omxh265enc in FFMpeg, what’s the name of this plugin we can use when FFMpeg is searching the gstreamer plugin. Does it also named “omxh265enc”?