How to build ffmpeg with harware acceleration on TX2?

I’m trying to get ffmpeg working on the TX2 with harware acceleration on the TX2 following this guide:
But I always get an:

ERROR: nvEncoderAPI.h not found.

when I try to run ./configure

Do someone has an idea what is the issue, or if they have another link for compiling ffmpeg on the TX2?

Hi ADomi,
Building ffmpeg with hardware acceleration is only supported on desktop GPUs, nit supported on TX1/TX2.

Any chance of it happening in the future? Gstreamer just doesn’t do it for me.

Hi eousphoros, We do support HW acceleration via gstreamer. please refer to

Hi, is FFMpeg support planned for TX2 just like for desktop GPUs? GStreamer also doesn’t work for us while we are really impressed by the results using Geforce GTX 1080 + FFMpeg based custom software.

No, as of now we have no plan to support it.

So in another thread you said you could use FFMpeg code to figure out how to insert SEI data in to the H.264 stream. Now you saying no tx2 support for FFMPeg. So which is it?

Hi Paul,
Please realize SEI(supplemental enhancement information) is implemented in software.

TX2 does not support ffmpeg with hardware acceleration, which means if you call ffmpeg APIs to do encoding, the encoded slices are done in software.