Has anyone had success using an alternative to nvargus/libargus?

As stated above, has anyone had success using/building an alternative to nvargus/libargus?

We are building a 6-camera system where each camera is capturing 720p@30FPS, but nvargus is proving to be a CPU bottleneck. We are running on a Xavier NX and the CPU usage sits around 80% on each core when measured with jtop. The cameras are used in a robotics pipeline to help localise and navigate and therefore there needs to be remaining CPU for other tasks.

I’d love to hear from D3, Ridgerun or Leopard Imaging:
@D3_growe @jchaves @MarcoMadrigal @jafeth.garcia

Could you try use taskset to set the camera run in specific CPU cores and any others robotics task run in others CPU cores.

We have tried that but it doesn’t solve the problem of nvargus using a large % of CPU. Perhaps it’s better to try V4L2?

Yes, you can try using v4l2. But need to do demosaic by software or using YUV sensor.

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