HDMI-CEC Support?

Do you plan to support HDMI-CEC in the future?
If yes, is there a planed date?

Thanks a lot

We don’t have any plan to support it.

Check here for an alternative: http://www.pulse-eight.com/store/products/104-usb-hdmi-cec-adapter.aspx

Hi libgradev,

I know, but I’m searching for ‘no additional hardware’ on top of the graphic-card. I will have a look at the intel products.

I’m resurrecting this thread hoping to hear that things have changed. There has been a lot of commits lately to add HDMI-CEC framework & support to the linux kernel. Since HDMI-CEC is a wanted feature, linux support finally being pushed through, has Nvidia changed their position on this at all? If not, would you please at least reconsider?

Like BGraaf, I’m not interested in buying additional hardware - especially when it shouldn’t be necessary. I’d like to remain an Nvidia customer but not at the expense of preventing modernization (and convenience) of my setups. Fingers crossed Nvidia replies with a good answer!

I would be interested, too.

A week and no reply … that doesn’t bode well. Maybe we need more people registering on this forum and voicing their desire for this feature. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but only when it’s squeaking where the right people can hear it. :\

I’ll give it a little longer and see if we get a response. Otherwise the silence will be making my purchasing decision for me when I replace all my htpcs in a couple months.

+1 Currently my $300 nvidia graphics card is not as useful as a $30 raspberry pi. Please add CEC support.

Also. I’m actually trying to use this on windows. It doesn’t work there either.

CEC support is useful today , when we see how much nvidia user are using an LCD , PLASMA TV connected to their NVIDIA cards . Yes it will be friendly , when CEC will supported . I hope NVIDIA will do this feature , if there is no complication with reprogramming the firmware . The Probleme is : changing a big part of API of NVIDIA , that can cause recklocking issues and may be burning the stream processors .

Where in the world did you hear that adding hdmi-cec support would require big changes to the api? And also the bit about burning stream processors?! There’s absolutely no reason for either of those to be true!

CEC is supported on Tegra but when I looked into it a while back, I found that it was not possible to support it on desktop GPUs. I’ll have to check tomorrow to see if the situation has changed with more modern GPUs.

Any news on that aplattner?


I managed to confirm that CEC is still not supported on desktop GPU boards.

That’s really disappointing to hear but it’s helpful to know. Thanks for looking into it!


The need is there. And there are already 3’rd party solutions on the market for injecting CEC on HDMI cable.

How come NVIDIA did not jump long time ago to add support?

Could somebody from NVidia explain WHY they don’t plan to support CEC? Tons of people, myself included, connect their NVidia graphics powered PC’s to TV’s to game and watch movies. It seems like something so simple that would be a huge selling point to not already have it implemented, much less not even in the works. Ridiculous.

I have a gaming PC connected to my TV and I’m really interested in this feature as well.

+1 for this. Highly inconvenient. How can low cost ARM devices have this but not an expensive graphics card? Especially when CEC is a standard since HDMI 1.0?

I can’t believe my super cutting-edge 980Ti doesn’t support even the most basic of HDMI-CEC functions. Surely Nvidia realise how many PC owners use their gpus with TVs now?

What’s even more frustrating is there’s a bug in Windows which results in sound being reset to 2ch if you boot your PC before you switch your receiver on (and your amp passes HDMI through, querying the TV and seeing only 2ch output). This would surely be avoided if Nvidia cards switched AV gear on when the PC boots with HDMI-CEC.