HDMI display loss & resolution issue

I design carrier board for Xavier NX / Nano module, when system boot up, user login screen resolution is abnormal, and after login system, then HDMI screen will loss, wait about 5~10 sec, HDMI will auto detect, monitor has display, but resolution is abnormal. What is this problem? How to solve this problem?
Log file: HDMI_Fail.log (143.7 KB)

Can I change the HDMI spec to 1.4, confirm whether it is caused by speed?

Firstly, remove the quiet in kernel cmdline.

Your kernel log is totally disabled now.

Hi Wayne,

I removed the quiet in cmdline. This is logfile.
Xavier_NX_HDMI_failed.log (109.1 KB)

This looks more like hardware problem that it fails to read EDID.

  1. Can I change the HDMI spec to version 1.4?
  2. What is the HDMI SDA & SCL impedance requirements? According to the document Jetson_Xavier_NX_Product_Design_Guide_DG-09693-001_v1.4 in table 8-5, I don’t see the HDMI SDA & SCL impedance information.

No specific impedance request for such low speed lines. You can check i2c spec for detail.

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