HDMI Problem with Custom board


Previously, I designed custom board with xavier nx, and there is a problem with HDMI. (I attached the schematic related with HDMI)
I was designed hdmi’s power source to attached with 5V, 3.3V directly
it was pretty worked fine.
but after i changed HDMI’s power design, There was a big problem with hdmi.
When i turn on the device, it showed NVIDIA logo and after a few second, it showed its log for a moment(message related with some peripherals) and never turned off.
And after i changed design, it showed NVIDIA logo and after a few second, suddenly the monitor lost its signal.
And few second later, it showed ubuntu. but also after a few minute, it was suddenly turned off.

and after that, there was nothing on screen .
Even the monitor became turned on, its resolution turned into 1280 x 640 (original 1920 x 1080) (and SI1869DH-T1-E3 was extremely hot)
Is there somethings wrong with circuit ? (I think the SI1869DH-T1-E3 circuit has problem with current drain )
after_modification.pdf (753.2 KB)
before_modification.pdf (570.6 KB)

Hi, generally we don’t provide review service as customer should be able to follow the OEM Design Guide and reference carrier board schematic (P3509 for Xavier NX) in DLC. First please eliminate the difference between your design and reference. If issue can’t be solved still, please share your log info for check.