AGX Xavier HDMI cann't normal output image

Hi, Nvidia
I have a custom board using hdmi, However, when we use the HDMI screen to connect to the AGX Xavier custom board, the screen will not output any data, but you can see the Nvidia logo when AGX Xavier start up.
Please help us check the problems related to this part.
when we start after AGX Xavier plug in an HDMI cable.
dmesg log in the following:


The connection diagram of hardware principle is shown in the figure.

After inserting the HDMI cable for a period of time, the driver will disable AUX2 automatically if the HDMI cable is not removed.

we system Version is R35.1.

  1. please use jetpack4.x to validate your hardwar. jp5 display is not stable.

  2. please attach your full schematic.

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Thank you quickly reply!
we check full schematic, we find TX0 and TX2 sequence of lines is reversed, when we switch them, the image can be displayed normally!

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