Hello AI needs Qt

I am trying to compile my-recognition.cpp in the Hello AI World tutorial, and it fails saying it cannot find a Qt component. I am using a Jetson Nano with the latest tools. I have installed Qt and built one of the Qt examples, so I think Qt is working okay. I also ran the my-recognition.py python version okay. Maybe it is looking for a different version of Qt? Thanks for any help.

FYR. Please check two topics about QT:

Hi @floater, is it possible that you are running an older version of the jetson-inference repo?

The Qt dependency for the my-recognition sample was removed some time ago.

Can you try updating your repo or re-cloning from master? I just confirmed that I was able to build my-recognition without issue.

Thanks. That appeared to be the problem. I downloaded again, and now it builds okay.

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