Hello Developer, Could you create an option to set the rendering scale in the Nvidia Control Panel o...

I am not a developer. I am just a regular user of Nvidia’s Geforce series products. I recently contacted Nvidia Customer Care. I wanted to customize the rendering scale. But, there is no option to set the rendering scale on the Nvidia control panel and Nvidia profile Inspector. So, I asked them to add a rendering scale option to the Nvidia Control Panel or the nvidia Profile Inspector. And the following reply came from them.

"Suggest you to post the queries/suggestion for the developer on https://developer.nvidia.com/

This is a developer zone would be looked by the developer team. They can check this and see if there is an option to implement it.

Please get in touch with us, if you need further assistance and I would be happy to help you.

Best Regards,
NVIDIA Customer Care"

So I post here, as they say.

This is definitely the wrong forum to post your suggestion.

You might try here: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/board/235/driver/

Thank you for your good point. I did as you said.