NIS, fan speed, Gamemode, application profiles, nvidia-settings Wayland

Hello there,

customer support asked me to post here, so here it goes.

I bought a new Nvidia gpu a couple of weeks ago and I have a few questions.

These are my system specs:

Optiplex 3040 SFF:

Core i5 6500 65W
Lenovo Nvidia T600 4GB GDDR6 GPU + Nvidia drivers 510
2 x 512GB Samsung SSD
Original Dell PSU 180W
openSUSE Tumbleweed, newest snapshot as of this writing, Gnome 42.0, Xorg


  1. How can I activate Nvidia Image Scaling (gpu) either via nvidia-settings or directly via Steam for the games I use via Proton / Steamplay? Usually I’d go for AMD FSR, but I thought I might try out your alternative solution this time around. I was able to find Nvidia Image Sharpening via application profiles in nvidia-settings, but not the Image Scaling functionality itself. I found this guide on your website, but that only applies to Windows and not Linux: How to Enable NVIDIA Image Scaling | NVIDIA - - - > I read that you guys are working on implementing support for NIS in Proton, not sure where we stand right now though and what alternatives we have right now: Steam Play Proton could get direct support for NVIDIA Image Scaling | GamingOnLinux

  2. I want to manually adjust / control the fan speed of my gpu via nvidia-settings, but it’s not working. Every time I move the fan speed slider and click “apply”, I get an error message telling me that fan adjustments aren’t possible. I read that it has to do with a security feature in Xorg and Gnome, not sure though.

  3. How can I make use of application profiles for my Steam games played via Proton / Steamplay? If I try creating a new set of rules and profile for game.exe via the application profile manager, it doesn’t work, but if I create the rule and profile for everything related to “Steam”, it actually works, but for every single game launched via Steam. What is the correct way of doing this?

  4. I use Feral’s Gamemode for my games and usually it’s supposed to force Nvidia and AMD gpus into their maximum power mode for improved gaming performance, but according to powermizer in nvidia-settings, this isn’t working even though the game itself is indeed actively using Gamemode (verified via terminal). Powermizer still reports a variable / adaptive powermode and actively switches between powermodes when gaming, depending on game load. Is this behaviour intentional or do Nvidia users have to create a custom script for Gamemode in order to adjust powermizer settings?

  5. When is the nvidia-settings app going to get all the functionality seen in the Xorg version? Fanspeed control, openGL and Vulkan settings (FXAA, AF, AA, and more), video / picture and monitor settings etc. Can the Wayland version of nvidia-settings include more Proton or Vulkan / DXVK specific functions for games via the application profiles?

That’s pretty much it. Let me know if you need anything.



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Works beautifully here but what I’d actually love to see is being able to configure a fan curve.

If it doesn’t work for you it’s either a bug or your fan control is locked down in VBIOS. Please check whether you can do that in Windows.

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  1. can be achieved, but only in a very awkward way. The scaling is done by using MetaModes, e.g. in nvidia-settings->monitor->advanced filling in ViewPortIn and ViewPort Out fields and apply. Image sharpening is done via __GL_SHARPEN_ENABLE __GL_SHARPEN_VALUE and__GL_SHARPEN_IGNORE_FILM_GRAIN enviroment values. The awkwardness comes from the fact that MetaModes are only queryable through randr 1.1 (xrandr --q1) but are not visible in the “normal” randr 1.2+ interface which are queried by games. Additionally, the image sharpening settings AFAIK are only settable per application, not per mode.
  2. fan settings etc require the Xserver to be running as root which is not the default case with gnome etc. nowadays. Please search the forum for workarounds.
  3. the process name of games running under wine/proton is of course wine or proton, so the match doesn’t work. Don’t know if the application settings are also matched against parameters.
  4. Please see