Nvidia A2000 + Gnome = low fps-rate for desktop animations

OpenSuse Leap 15.5
Ubuntu 23.04
Nvidia Lenovo A2000 6GB
Proprietary driver version: 535.113

The issue: Gnome animations (overview) lag / animate at a low fps-rate initially. It feels like it’s running on 20-30 fps after a cold boot. Opening nvidia-settings app once after a cold boot makes everything in Gnome (overview, moving windows etc.) feel super smooth again with 60fps (Powermizer is set to prefer maximum performance). Alternative fix: Open nvidia-settings and disable both options → “vsync” and “allow flipping” for openGL. Disabling these two settings makes the desktop feel super fluid and smooth again, but it introduces lots of tearing.

I’m on OpenSuse Leap 15.5 right now, but I have also noticed this on Ubuntu 23.04. Ubuntu ships with triple buffering patches out of the box, but it doesn’t seem to do anything for my setup. Out of curiosity I also used an Nvidia T600 gpu in this machine, and can’t reproduce the issue above with this gpu. Nvidia Lenovo T600 = everything in Gnome is super smooth out of the box after installing the proprietary Nvidia drivers.

Is this a driver / gpu bug for my A2000?


The above only goes for X11 btw. On Wayland everything is smooth as butter. Using a two monitor setup hooked up via mini dp.

@nvidia: any ideas?