(Help)How to install GPU driver?

I need to select nvcodec version based on GPU driver version. But I can’t find the GPU driver installation package. can you tell me how to install?
Here is my reference method: Using FFmpeg with NVIDIA GPU Hardware Acceleration :: NVIDIA Video Codec SDK Documentation

The framework is not supported on Jetson platforms. For hardware encoding/decoding, please use jetson_multimedia_api:
Jetson Linux API Reference: Main Page

Thanks, I find that jetson_multimedia_api is not available on my device, and i encounter this problem when I reinstall with sdkmaneger. What should i do?

Could you install Jetpack 4.6.2? Currently this is latest stable release for Xavier.

I met this problem again when i installed Jetpack 4.6.2. Luckily I installed Jetpack 4.6.0 successfully. Thank you for your help!

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