HEVC h.265 encode on maxwell 2 (GTX980, ..), tools, apis, and or encoders supporting nvidia cuda tec

I read that the new maxwell 2 supports h265 encoding but I find no tool for.
Im trying to find a way to accelerate h.265 encoding through GTX980 or similar maxwell 2 card.

Is there any tool or API for ?

And best question is, Using current h265 encoders, will I get a performance boost to encode videos to h.265 at faster speed or in less time using GTX980 ?
Or this depends on the current h265 encoders, and if so, what takes cudas approach for best performance using nvidia cuda cards?

I’m interested too!

What kind of BAD company is NVIDIA, NVIDIA say in the specs that GTX980 and 970, etc … the ones using Maxwell 2 that a h265 encoder is on the feature list. BUT I FOUND A JOB ANNOUNCED ON LINKEDIN from NVIDIA searching looking for a H265 developer !!

Whats that NVIDIA, how you can lie !, So you sell your cards AS with a h265 encoder, then you give no one tool SO NO ONE H265 ENCODER and while passing (no reply on this forum, no reply on tweets by some people and companies doing h265) you publish a job demand for a h265 programmer for implement that in your card !!!

This is not good, I will spread how you guys work, unless you give us more info here in this forum