HEVC P010LE lossless encoding support on Xavier NX

I want to compress depth data (10bit) as descibed here using the HEVC hardware encoder on Xavier NX but it is unclear to me if HEVC P010LE lossless compression is available.

Can someone please give me a definitive answer or reference me to the relevant docs? Thank you!

On Xavier NX, we support HEVC P01010LE hardware encoding but does not support lossless encoding. For lossless encoing, we support encoding YUV444 into H264. Please refer to
H.264 lossless encoding - #2 by DaneLLL

Thank you @DaneLLL!

H.264 4:4:4 support is only planar and 10-bit 4:2:0 is not supported if I’m not mistaken. That would require data reordering as we need more than 8bits for depth.
However, near-lossless H.265 is more suitable as there would be no reordering involved.

Do you have any pointers for H.265 settings to get near-lossless compression? Thanks again.

You may try to set qp=0 for all frames. Please refer to the pipeline:
Nvv4l2h265enc quant-p-frames - #3 by DaneLLL
and try quant-i-frames=0 quant-p-frames=0

Thank you. I will try!

It’s looks like bitrate value also need to be changed from default 4000000 for near-lossless compression - at least for something like 8MP@21fps for RPiCam V2.

Is it any plans to implement lossless compression for h265 in nearest future?

Hi @ayaromenok
We now support H264 lossless encoding for YUV444 format. Do you need H265 lossless encoding for YUV444 in your usecase? YUV420 is not supported and would like to confirm whether you request for YUV444.

Thank you @DaneLLL - it is no usecase yet - I am at evaluation stage now - and near lossless settings looks promising.