Hey, come and see my own volume rendering toolkit!

Come and see my own volume rendering toolkit, which I made freely available recently.


Volume rendering is an important visualization technology widely used in scientific analysis and medical imaging. It is mainly used to provide an intuitive 3D-View of a given 3D volume dataset.

VolTK is a free C++ Toolkit that implements a tri-layer volume rendering framework, which is designed to meet the requirements of both algorithm research and application assemblage. As a volume rendering researcher, I personally use it as a testing bed for my new ideas.


  • Tri-layer volume rendering
  • CPU implementation: multi-threading supported
  • GPU implementation: CUDA based implementation
  • CPU-GPU correspondance
  • Both low level interfaces and high level interfaces are provided
  • Replace the components easily with your own design
  • Various rendering modes: MIP/Isosurface/Full volume rendering
  • Endoscopy interaction mode implemented
  • Pre-integration supported
  • Cross platform (windows and RHEL tested)