Hi, i want create CUDA Progect in win32 GUI project

Hi, I have some question.
How to create CUDA Project in win32 GUI project?
(Not console)
I running sample project, project is console.

My exist project is win32 GUI project.
So, I want to Some code changeing cuda.
I think that only one way is exist project import cuda dll file??

your “win32 GUI project” means “implemented by Win32-API” ?
so, what is the problem? you can call CUDA-API directly from your code, and implement/invoke kernel-funcs.

Switch linker options from /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE to /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS and provide a WinMain() entry point to your application as opposed to a main() function.

You’ll not be able to receive any command line arguments argc, argv in the same way as when using a main() function. This problem is discussed here:


Thank you ID : episteme , cbuchner1 ! i try to again project!

Thanks for the good answer. I will improve my skills and help others.

here’s a Logistic map demonstration using Win32-API and CUDA: