HLSL operations instructions and cycles cost

I’m looking for a way to learn how much different hlsl shader operations cost in instructions and in GPU cycles to know what actually is ineffective to use and what should be avoided.

What I’ve learned is hardware specific and I’ve found a tool to learn this information for AMD - https://shader-playground.timjones.io, here’s the example -

But is there a way to learn those costs for NVIDIA? I understand that it very much depend on exact hardware that’s used for tests but I need a way to get a rough understanding on the topic or a way to check this information for specific hardware to develop the overall understanding

Any suggestions welcomed, thanks.

Thank you for your questions on hlsl shader operations. Please have a look starting with Nsight Systems and determine if you are GPU bound. If you are GPU bound then move to the GPU Trace feature of Nsight Graphics. If you are SM limited then you will want to use Shader Profiler. Please let us know if you have any issues getting to the tools.