Hosting a Web Page for controlling PTZ Optics of Camera

In my objective of controlling the focus and zoom of my camera, i wish to do it over IP
The Url Shown is image of web control for a PTZ camera, i wish to create one such like this

Kindly clarify my below objectives

  1. How to host a web page for control of camera or edge devices on jetson nano
  2. how to stream camera feed over rtsp on jetson nano
  3. does jetbot project do this kind of stuff ?

Awaiting for suggestions and valuable resources to solve the above usecase.

A general usecase is to use IP cameras, which are run as RTSP sources. However, for advancing controls such as focus and zoom, you would need to check with camera vendors.


I want to create a IP Camera Using Jetson Nano Infact, why would i ask a question here if i already know to buy a IP Camera

Kindly provide a much proper answer the question asked

For running Jetson Nano as a RTSP server, we have valid examples of using test-luanch, test-mp4 and test-appsrc:

In jetbot sample, it runs a jupyter server. You may check to integrate into your usecase.


Streaming over RTSP is part of my application, your references help me, kindly clarify point to the point asked below

  1. the references shown are for Tx1 and Tx2 platforms, do they run for jetson nano also ? are there any additional limitations

  2. How to host a web page/ micro web server for control of camera or edge devices on jetson nano, Jupyter notebook is completely a different stuff i feel.


It is same for Jetson Nano. One difference is that we are deprecating omx plugins in r32 releases and please use v4l2 plugins like:

./test-launch "videotestsrc ! nvvidconv ! nvv4l2h265enc ! h265parse ! rtph265pay name=pay0 pt=96"

Don’t see existing posts about this usecase. May need other users to share experience.