How can I erase the configuration in Cumulus Linux?

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I am new on Cumulus Linux, so I am doing some testing in Nvidia Air. I wanted to erase the configuration of my switch and leave it as out of the box, so I erased the /etc/nvue.d/startup.yaml file and did a switch reboot. But surprise, when the switch rebooted, it remained with the same configuration. Then how can I erase the configuration in Cumulus Linux?

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A simple method to fully wipe the switch via NVUE is to use the following command:

nv config apply empty

Here we are asking NVUE to apply the named revision called “empty” this is a well-known revision name for the system’s configuration when it is initially booted.

Note: this will wipe the Eth0/management port configuration which could lock you out of a production switch if not using DHCP and logged-in via SSH.


Hi epulvino,

I have just tested and it worked. Thank you very much, also for the note which is very important :)


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