How to use NVUI command if already used Linux commands

Hi Community,
I have configured some interfaces directly in the file /etc/network/interfaces
If I now want to use a nv command it is telling me that my interface config will be overwritten.

Is it somehow possible now for me to go back to nv commands without losing my config I did on my interfaces?

thanks in advance

Yes, this is possible, see the NVUE documentation on the topic here:
Be ware, you may still be able to ‘set’ configuration which can no longer take affect on the system since the config file which would contain the new configuration has been ‘ignored.’

Hi epulvino,
thank you very much for your answer.
So if I want to continue configuring nv set qos roce like mentioned in my other post it probably won´t take effect.

That’s correct, but I believe all the needed QoS config is in NVUE these days so traditional Linux flat files should not be required for this.

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