NVUE ISIS and Fabric configuration

@epulvino this might be a better question for you but we do quite a bit with IS-IS on Extreme.

With FRR supporting the basic RFC we’re looking at a few ways we want to test but ultimately implement it on Cumulus vs VXLANs over EVPN.

Are snippets the best options since NVUE doesn’t support it yet? Is there a safer way to configure FRR for these non NVUE configs?

Lastly, does Cumulus/NVIDIA have future NVUE plans for configuring OpenFabric (fabricd) in FRR?

A traditional snippet for the FRR would be the method to configure this.

Note that there can be other challenges running ISIS in CL. The controlplane ISIS protocol messages must be punted up to FRR from the data plane. In the past this has required the addition of specific SwitchD rules to enable these punts to controlplane. I’m not sure we’ve enabled them by default.

You should be able to talk to your Solution Architect to get an official answer on how you might be able to test with ISIS in your environment but until it is officially supported, your mileage may vary. If you need a hand figuring out who that might be let me know and I can look them up for you.

OpenFabric has not been on any roadmap I am aware of at this time.