Using ifort to link with nvcc

Search for earlier posts on this topic are dated and do not seem to work now.

Background in brief: Turbulence simulation fortran code which has been extensively run with C interface to access opencl/amd and using ifort/gcc is now to be tried on some tesla p100s.

When using the above fortran code with ifort and a C interface with gcc to access cufft and cublas routines, everything works fine.

Problem arise when using nvcc (which will be needed for writing own kernels). Cannot get ifort to link with nvcc-compiled C code. Iso binding do not seem to work. There is no question of rewriting an 8K-line well tested fortran code from scratch and the use of ifort on intel hardware is best for the cpu part of the code which when used with opencl/amd stuff takes about 30% of the execution time.

Any ideas how to go about fixing ifort/nvcc compatibility?