Restore SN2100 (running Cumulus 5.0.0) to factory default

Can anyone here help with a quick question? We’re testing Cumulus 5.0.0 in our lab and want to restore the spare switch back to default configuration from the factory. What’s the command to do so?

It was suggested to issue “onie-select -k” but that wipes out all user data AND the operating system. We do not want to delete the OS, just the configuration we were testing.


onie-install -i /tmp/cumulus-linux-5.0.0-mlx-amd64.bin -a


the cumulus-linux-5.0.0-mlx-amd64.bin file can be downloaded from the myMellanox portal and then copied to the switch /tmp/ directory.
the command will reinstall cumulus 5.0.0 in the next reboot and the default configuration will be applied.