How can I get real-time memory bandwidth of xavier?

There is pcm tool in intel cpu.

The following artile discusses how to get memory real-time bandwidth in K1, but I do not find it in xavier and it is not accurate.

Does the embedded memory controller of xavier have ability to report real-time performance statistics? Thanks.

Please take a look at and see if the utility is useful for your cases.

Hi, vickyy:
I tried command “tegrastats”, but EMC_FREQ is always zero. Does the tool not support xavier emc? thanks

Example Output for Tegra Xavier:
RAM 1903/15692MB (lfb 3251x4MB) CPU [1%@1190,1%@1190,2%@1190,0%@1190,0%@1190,0%@1190,0%@1190,0%@1190] EMC_FREQ 0% GR3D_FREQ 0% AO@32.5C GPU@32C Tboard@32C Tdiode@34.75C AUX@31.5C CPU@33.5C thermal@32.9C PMIC@100C GPU 0/0 CPU 216/216 SOC 864/864 CV 0/0 VDDRQ 144/144 SYS5V 1889/1889

Execute command “tegrastats” with root account and I get right result.