How to use perf mem to profile the memory access of CPUs in Jetson AGX Xavier?

Hi, I am new to the perf tool and Xavier. I want to profile the memory access of the Xavier.
I have tried to compile the perf tool following the instructions here: Installing Linux performance monitoring tools on Jetson TX2 - #7 by steven
The perf tool is installed on my Xavier, but I can’t use the “perf mem” command.
Does Xavier support the “perf mem” command? If so, how can I use it properly? If not, what tools can I use to profile the memory access while running certain applications?

Besides, I also refer to this link to install perf: Perf - #3 by carolyuu

Hi chongxiao_li,

You can use below three tool to check memory status:

  1. sudo tegrastats
  2. top
  3. cat /proc/meminfo

Thank you for your reply!
But actually, I want to know the total memory access data when I run an application. For example, I want to know how much data Xavier has loaded and stored in the main memory when doing an image recognition job. Is there any tool that can help me do this?
I have noticed that in the Nsight System, there is an option as “System profiling options → Collect PMU events → Choose PMU events → ARM/MEM_ACCESS”. Does this helps?

Nsight profiling should help to get data as your reference.
For any quesiton of nsight usage, please help to open a new topic. Thanks


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