How to check GPU usage in Nsight Systems

I would like to analysis my application performance with Nsight systems.
I profile my app but I confused at where should I check for GPU usage.

Hello @hkada,

Have you checked these tutorials below?

Nsight developer tool documentation is here.


Thanks for your information.
I checked them. But I need to get gpu usage(ex. 60%) of my application.


You can check Nsight Compute for the GPU utilization.

Another alternative is to use tegrastats locally.

$ sudo tegrastats


I installed Nsight Compute.
But I have not use this one.
If I run my app, could I get profiling result of gpu utilities ?


You can get a report via profiling your application.

For example:

If the SM percentage is 0%, this indicates that the app doesn’t use GPU at all.

I ran my app with Nsight Compute.
However, the profiling image could not be reached.
Can you tell me the specific method?


Please try the following:

1. Setup root password as below comment:

2. Run ncu-ui → Connection → Connect …

  • Press + in the connection bar → Enter your device information (root account).
  • Enter executable/workspace information → Launch


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