how to run nvidia system profiler on jetpack4.2?

When benchmarking, I tried to check GPU usage. So I wanted to use nvidia system profiler for L4T.
but I can’t find to run nvidia system profiler. According to , “Download the latest version of NVIDIA System Profiler (L4T) as part of JetPack.” but I can’t find profiler. where is nvidia system profiler?

Hi byyft2, NVIDIA Systems is installed on your host PC by the NVIDIA SDK Manager. It connects to your Jetson over the network to gather and visualize the profiling data.

After installing the host components on your PC with NVIDIA SDK Manager, you should be able to start NSight Systems by running the ‘nsight-sys’ command on your host PC.

Note that if you just want to check GPU usage, you can run ‘sudo tegrastats’ from your Jetson, and it will report it right there. See here for documentation on the tegrastats output. rbonghi also has the handy jtop utility which nicely parses and displays the tegrastats output for you.

I appreciate to your advice. It works! really thanks.