Tegra System Profiler Installation L4T

Hi, Can anyone guide me as to how to install Tegra System Profiler on L4T 21.2 release?
This is the link but the procedure for L4T is not very clear

Thank you

I need to agree with you, it is not really clear how to use the system profiler. Since the profiler seems handy for me too I tried to get it to work:

Inside the Jetson Jetpack is the folder called NVIDIA_Tegra_System_Profiler, inside it is the Host-x86_64 folder. There is a file called Tegra System Profiler. You need to run that one. Once it runs you need to select a remote connection to your Jetson Board. After that select the running application from the shown list and let it do its work.

I am not sure how to run it directly on the Jetson Board though.

I hope this was of help.

Hi Seeky,

I managed to install the application on my Host system. Any idea how to use the tool to determine execution time of the application running on the terminal? I need to find the execution time of the application I am currently running on my terminal.

Thanks a ton!