Installing nsight systems on Drive PX2

I cannot find nvidia-nsight or nvidia-visual-tools packages on Drive PX2’s ubuntu repo. Can anyone tell me how to install nsight on Drive PX2? Thanks!

Dear kemw,

Could you let know why you want to install nsight on DrivePX2? Thanks.

NVIDIA Nsight Systems is a statistical sampling profiler with tracing features.
Please refer to the following links for NVIDIA Nsight
Tool :
Training :


From what I understand now, NVIDIA Nsight Systems can only be used remotely. But what if a remote connection is not possible? How would I profile my application? Specifically I want the gpu utilization.

Dear kemw,

As you know, NVIDIA Nsight Systems can only be used remotely.
The reason is for correctly profiling when running applications in Target.
If you install it on DPX2, you won’t be able to get the gpu utilization.
If you have an ethernet cable, you can connect the host pc and DPX2 directly.

Or you can try dumping profiling logs from nvprof to a file:

nvprof -o [filename.nvvp] python [app].py

transfer them to a PC and open with nvvp for exploration.