Installing nsys with conda

There is a conda repo called “nvidia”( here Package repository for nvidia :: ). Besides the cuda toolkit, it includes packages like “nsight-compute” or “cuda-nsight”.
If one runs simply: conda install -c nvidia cuda
The nvprof command is made available.
As far as I can tell, no package in this repo makes “nsys” available, which I want to use for profiling.
Am I missing something or is nsight-systems just not there?


I am not sure who is putting those packages there. I assume that you cannot just download from our website? ?

Thanks for the answer!
I guess I should be able to use the .run installer (I do not have root in the target), or install nsight-systems in my host and connect via ssh from the GUI (which is what I do now).

It would be great if nsight-systems would be there along the rest in the conda repo (it must be from you guys since it is referenced in the docs as a recommended way to install cuda) to get portable environments. Just a matter of convenience.

When I want some quick overview I end up using nvprof because I have it right there and I think its a shame :(

If nvprof is deprecated why is it available for conda and still updated? Where’s the new nsys tool in nvidia’s conda channel?

How to download nsys without nvidia account?

How to download nsys without nvidia account?

Assuming Ubuntu, please follow these instructions to add the devtools repo to apt and install Nsight Systems.

sudo apt-key adv --fetch-keys
sudo add-apt-repository "deb$(source /etc/lsb-release; echo "$DISTRIB_RELEASE" | tr -d .)/$(dpkg --print-architecture)/ /"
# or nsight-systems-cli if you need only the CLI.
sudo apt install nsight-systems

I strongly prefer a non root and distribution independent solution. Nvidia should provide a conda package if possible. I don’t understand why it’s not available.

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