Checking GPU/DLA utilization/stats (Solved)

What is the nvidia-smi equivalent for Jetson AGX ?

The GPU on Jetsons are integrated directly to the memory controller. “nvidia-smi” requires a PCI interface…thus “nvidia-smi” is not compatible with a Jetson. On the other hand, if you have some specific goal you wish to accomplish, then a use-case might allow someone to answer a workaround.

I want to monitor GPU usage

Hi dhingratul, please use the tegrastats utility on Jetson.

Start it running as:

sudo ~/tegrastats

Is there a wrapper that makes tegrastats more readable?

Another user has created gtop, but not sure if it’s been tested with Xavier.

Also if you run tegrastats without sudo privilege, it will print out less info.

I tried gtop, doesnt work with Xavier

Good question: Does the source code of “tegrastats” available ? That would really great if you want to build a middleware tuning for Xavier.


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Hi Francois, the source isn’t public, but you can easily read the same files that tegrastats does to get the info. Please refer to this post for more info:

Does those unix registers work on QNX too ?