Can not monitor GPU with nvtop on Jetson AGX Xavier

I have installed nvtop on Jetson and I want to monitor the utilization of GPU.
when I run nvtop, I got the output No GPU to monitor..

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Hi @jasonwu_www, I’m not familiar with nvtop program, but my guess is that it’s for discrete GPUs and doesn’t support Jetson. To get the GPU utilization on Jetson, you can run sudo tegrastats or install jtop from the jetson-stats package.

Hi, I have tried these tools and I want to get more accurate utilization of GPU on Jetson. Is there any other tools I can use to profile the utilization of GPU?

In that case I would recommend using the NSight profiler that comes with JetPack:

The SDK Manager tool can install it onto your Ubuntu PC and you can profile your Jetson board remotely from there with processing timelines and much more detailed statistics and information.

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