Memory frequency of Jetson Tegra k1


It seems to me that we can not change the memory frequency of Jetson Tegra K1 platform although we can vary the cpu and gpu frequencies.
My query was does the memory frequency always remains constant or the platform varies it according to the power and performance optimization.



Hi BD,

You could use the tegrastat monitor memory and dynamic frequency scaling statistics for tegra devices, like:
RAM 696/1892MB (lfb 61x4MB) cpu [0%,off,off,off]@1224 EMC 22%@102 AVP 0%@204 VDE 120 GR3D 0%@72 EDP limit 0

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~$ tegrastats

emc X%@Y
EMC is the external memory controller, through which all sysmem/carve-out/GART memory accesses go.
X: Percent of the EMC memory bandwidth that is being used, relative to the current running frequency
Y: EMC frequency in MHz