How Can I get the Chip Uid from tx1?

Should I must create a kernal function to add in tx1 kernal?
I had seen some topic say that it has to compile custom kernel with a way to use that function,
is there a official way to get the Chip Uid ? Thanks for your attention。

I don’t get why there is a connection between chip Uid and compilation of kernel.
These sound like two separate questions here.

Could you elaborate what is Uid you want to know?

If you want to compile kernel, just follow up the L4T document -> customization NVIDIA kernel. Also, you would require some knowledge of linux kernel.

Thanks for your answer,In fact,I just want to get a unique id for identify from tx1.
So is there a official way to get the Chip-Uid ? and how Can I get it when runing my application?

thank you for your help.

Is the one fused in EEPROM what you need? There is a unique number for each tegra module.

You could refer to EEPROM layout in the download center.

I know EEPROM, I said to make a kenal function because your nvidia people suggest that there’s kernel function to read tegra chip uid ,Such as:

unsigned long long tegra_chip_uid(void) {…}

Is there Any news please ? because the topic is long ago.thanks.

Hi 327985736,

Yes, if you want to read the chip ID, you need to use that kernel function. What inside eeprom is the module serial number.

I just checked internal code but cannot find any existing driver is using it. You will need to create a sys node to read it out.

Why do you need chip UID? I think module S/N number should be unique too, unless someone overwrites it.

Thank you,dear WayneWWW:
As your suggestion,truely I should create a sys node to get it. I use the unique chip uid is to control the piracy that copy from my soft application。