How can orin nx use R35.5.0 version of the system to block or skip the UEFI interface when booting?

When I was using the ORIN NX development board, after upgrading to R35.5.0, I felt that I did not need this UEFI setting interface. How can I block it?

Hi czq99,

Do you mean that you are using the devkit board rather than the custom carrier board for Orin NX?

What’s your L4T release using before updating to R35.5.0?

What do you mean about “UEFI setting”? Do you mean the UEFI menu(which is used to configure the boot-order, boot-device, autoboot time…etc)?

Yes . It’s this UEFI menu. How to block it and prevent it from displaying?

Please refer to the following thread for this use case.
Close or hide UEFI menu - #3 by KevinFFF

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