How Deploye Container on DGX via NGC through python SDK?

Hi everyone, Hope you doing well.

As we are deploying our container to NGC by using DGX so where we can use NGC interface to select different configuration and also we set ouptut , and job creation .
but my Question is how we can do all this by using SDK using python to avoid each time manually interaction with NGC interface .

we are planning to use FAST API to do all these setups and deploye the container, run it and get all endpoint and other log and output data from container and save in database .

I need help, i searched on google i found some thing like CLI command that can help in deployment of container and run but i need some thing that take me away from manual interaction. like we can see below picture show creation of job so i want to use specific sdk or any other way to interact and create.


Hi ScottEllis , can you help us in this problem solution?