Installing and using NGC for training on a workstation with a titan GPU running on RHEL or CentOs

hello, I don’t know if this is the correct place for this Topic so feel free to replace it.
So as I said in this topic . My company has strict rules about the os they install on their workstations and I was wondering. And I am planning on using NGC for training on with titan V and then implement it on a Jetson TX2 for inference. so I was wondering if it was feasible to install and run NGC package on Red hat enterprise Linux or CentOs 6.
If indeed it is possible can you please send me links to tutorials / other topics explaning how to proceed on these OS to install the drivers for the graphic card and the software.
also do I need to install docker separately or is it included in the NGC package ?

Thank you for your replies!

NGC currently supports only Ubuntu OS. Docker needs to be installed before you access any NGC containers. The NGC on Titan documentation describes the process in detail -

Thank you @gcrider !