how do I configure Mellanox sn2700 to connect to a 40Gb port on a RS8264 switch?

I have three SB2700’s to connect to the 40Gb ports on a RS 8264 switch. I don’t know how to configure the up-link to the 40gb ports. Thanks

You can use any port, there is not differences between the ports in this switch.

if you have another SN2700 or any other Mellanox switch, I suggest to try connecting them with copper cable 40G and make sure that this works.

One question,

Is this an IBM (BLADE, BNT) switch? On some systems, you need a license to enable the 40 Gbps ports.

Ok I do have a SB7700 across the isle… I will test with that switch.

Ok thank you I will try that. But are there any special instruction I have to give to make the connectivity happen? I only have experience with Cisco and Brocade switch.


I haven’t tested RS8264 switch connectivity with Spectrum. however simply try to change the port speed on the relevant port to 40G

run (for example on interface eth 1/1):

switch (config) # interface ethernet 1/1 speed 40000

and check if that works.


switch (config) # show interfaces ethernet status

OK thanks, I will make sure all that is set. The only thing I can remember not setting is the port speed, I left that as auto… All other settings I did them.

I am not getting any connectivity between port 32 on the sb2700 and the port 5 on the 8264 40 Gb port. Can I use port 32 as my up link port? Or do you recommend using another port?

Change port speed, insert the right cable and check the port status. Similar to all other switches.

If there is no interoperability issue the link will be up. Besides that you might want to configure the port parameters, like MTU, VLAN switchport and so on.