How do i open the camera from an openCV code on Jetson TX1 ?

Hi, i was wondering how would i be able to open the camera on Jetson TX1 with a openCV code? I saw many examples online from these threads but none of them seem to be working.
If any of you have got the camera working, do you by any chance have a preview code that I can use to open the camera from OpenCV library of C++?

Thank you.

I’ve been stuck with the same problem, too. I’ve tried many of the ways mentioned in threads of this forum, but none of it worked. I’ve tried compiling openCV 2.4.13 from source and still it doesn’t work.

I, too, have been really stuck on getting the camera going with python. I’ve went through every documentation I could find but it’s just not ‘clicking’ for me, obviously. Any example someone could give on how to use the gstreamer pipeline would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been frustrated on just trying to access the camera and have been unable to focus on learning/developing code.

After compiling openCV 2.4.13 / 3.1.0 with “gstreamer support” enabled in the cmake options, mine can capture frames through gstreamer.