How do I use nsys along with my C++ solution on Visual studio


I have registered for the following online course.
Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++. I have completed most of the course. I am now trying to implement nsys on my C++ solution which also has CUDA code.
The cuda part of the project is running fine on Windows Visual Studio. I looked online for steps on how to trigger or implement nsys so that I can optimize my cuda code.
I got the following info from this online site:
It says to open the project in visual studio and select Extensions->Nsight->Nsight Systems 2020.1.1->Trace on the main menubar. But on my visual studio platform I only have Extensions->NSight. I do not see Nsight Systems 2020.1.1->Trace. Please advise me or send me some documentation on how to incorporate nsys into my C++ solution.
Thank you,

Maryna Miranda

Hi Maryna,

Thanks so much for your interest in the course and for reaching out for support.

If you are using the Jupyter environment provided within the course, nsys will already be installed, and you can access it from a Jupyter code cell by prefixing the cell with !, for example !nsys profile --stats=true ./iteratively-optimized-vector-add. There are numerous examples of this way of using nsys in the second section of the course Unified Memory.

Based on your comments about Visual Studio, it sounds like you might be trying to work the codes from the course on your own system. Assuming this is the case, you can install Nsight Systems, including the CLI nsys following the installation guide.

Josh Wyatt (NVIDIA DLI)