How do we use both CPU and GPU as OpenCL dev. at the same time

My problem is I have Intel CPU, and NVIDIA GPU, both new hardware, but neither of clInfo and oclDeviceQuery see my CPU as opencl device,

How do we do heterogenous parallelization on NVIDIA platform?

See my answer to your question here as to why oclDeviceQuery does not show any CPU devices.

For heterogenous use of CPU and GPU at the same time, you have to use multiple platforms if you want to use both with NV GPUs. NV does not support compiling onto CPUs, so you must either use AMD or Intel (Intel might be better choice if you wish to use Intel CPU, but AMD also supports AVX intstructions). Synchronization will be more painful, as there is no support from API to sync across platforms, but it is possible. NV platform finds GPU, and AMD/Intel platform finds your CPU device.